Thin Blue Lie was founded on the principle of providing and collecting all cases of police misconduct. However, because this is a politically charged issue, we have had to put in place security measures to protect the website while maintaining accessability. One of those measures is our set of rules:
  1. All posted material must be relavent to police misconduct.

    This means no posting a link to your instagram feed full of puppies, no spamming unrelated political news, etc.

  2. Be Objective

    Believe us, we know how hard it is to stay impartial when discussing police misconduct/brutality, but all posts must be objective and factual to the fullest extent.

  3. All swears and slurs must be censor*d.

    To provide an accurate recount of events, we will not be limiting the use of any word which was used in an event. But, because unbleeped slurs can diminish an article's reputability, we have chosen to bleep them. This only applies to text-based instances, we understand if you cannot edit videos or images.

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